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Bell Top Cloche 6mm Steel

Bell Top Cloche 6mm Steel

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A stunning plant support cloche is made from 6mm thick steel. 

This is a new design featuring a bell top design.

The cloches are designed to surround the plant. They offer additional support to prevent flowers and leaves from sprawling and flopping as well as snapping.

For plants which have heavy blooms or fruit, the cloche offers support upon which they can be rested and flourish healthily off the ground. 

This traditional style grow-through plant support is ideal for supporting all types of large perennials such as peonies or dahlias and can also be used in the vegetable garden for supporting plants such as dwarf beans.

This timeless classic design will add interest to your borders in winter and can also be used as a cloche to protect delicate plants in colder weather by simply stuffing the framework with straw or covering with fleece.

Please note: These products are designed to rust. They start their rusting journey as soon as they are made. Therefore the product you receive will vary according to its amount of exposure to the great British weather. 

Handmade in the UK.

size: H75xDi43xcm


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